Our Services


First of all, needs assessment is critical for the successful completion of a project.

Creative Idea

Creative ideas that will really benefit the identified needs are produced and the right results are obtained.

Quick Release

After the needs and solutions are decided, a roadmap is drawn up and published quickly.

Special Product

For maximum efficiency in your company You literally have to get a software product that meets the needs of your business.

Pattern Development

Experience the great advantages of working with a world-class database and software pattern for the future.


Work on systems that don't stop. Get advice from our expert staff on how to achieve this comfort.


Improve your business processes with custom-made software solutions

Unlike packaged software, bespoke software is custom-written for a specific purpose and built to your exact requirements. This allows for a highly tailored approach during development. Taking your business processes into account, choosing the most appropriate metrics and tools, and being flexible enough to implement changes at any time.


We provide a unique combination of bespoke software development

Software Architect

Enjoy the wide-ranging efficiency of an architectural engineering approach.

Software Development

You have a flexible product and easily deploy the modules you want to add in the future to your business.

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.

Software Consulting Pricing

For all needs such as project analysis, database architecture, user interface, software development,
creating report querie

Hourly Consulting
  • 1 Project
  • Phone call
  • Software Development
  • end of job report
Annual Consulting
  • 1 Project
  • Phone call, e-mail, Zoom/Teams
  • Software Development
  • end of job report